Cocoa Shell Mulch (80 ltr)

80 litre Cocoa Shell Mulch – TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
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  • Market leading decorative weed suppressing mulch
  • A by-product of the cocoa bean, has an attractive coppery colour, ideal for flower beds and borders
  • Product gels together in a mat below the surface once wet
  • Helps to retain moisture and suppress the weeds

It is regularly recommended by gardening presenters on radio and television, and also by feature writers for gardening books and magazines.

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Cocoa shell mulch is spread on flower beds and borders to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Once spread, the cocoa shell gels into a mat below the surface and is excellent if left undisturbed. The surface mulch remains a very attractive coppery colour and looks great, even in a new border with sparse planting.

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** Safety Information for pets **
Cocoa Shell Mulch is a by-product of the Cocoa Bean, naturally containing varying quantities of caffeine and theobromine. Theobromine has been reported to be dangerous to dogs, if consumed.

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