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Reduce your household and garden waste and make great compost for your garden!

We at Tommy Topsoil have been recycling and composting on a large scale for decades. It is nothing new to us. With increasing global environmental problems and issues, more and more people are becoming aware of the great benefits of this simple exercise! Many of us send around a staggering one third of the food we buy to landfill! Just think of all that chemical free compost we could make - it's great stuff, and doesn't cost you a penny!

Compost Bin

Compost Bin

Make your own chemical free compost with the Tommy Topsoil Compost Bin...

Collect £46.00 Delivered* £51.00



Make the worlds most natural fertilizer, pure worm casts, perfect for growing your own tasty organic...

Collect £52.00 Delivered* £57.00

Compost Activator

Give your compost heap a kickstart with our compost activator!

5kg Collect £4.60 Delivered* £5.10
25kg Collect £13.70 Delivered* £14.70