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Goldenhams Farm Reared Pork

Family butchers for over 100 years!

Goldenhams was set up by ourselves in early 2009 to produce high quality farm reared pork and although new to you, butchering certainly is not new to us. My father, Charlie Denham trained as a butcher in his early youth, and worked in his fathers butchers shop in Brighouse for several years. Many of his family were also butchers, with his great grandfather a butcher in Brighouse until the 1940's, and his uncles had shops in Low Moor Bradford, and Thornhill Briggs.

Whole Pig, Half Pig & Leg Joints

CHRISTMAS HAMPERS – Special Offer Only £25

1 x 500g Dry Cure Bacon
1 x pk 8 Thick Sausage
1 x Medium Pork Joint (Apprx 2kg)
1 x Gammon (Apprx 1.5kg)
EXCELLENT VALUE – Order in advance and we will have it ready for your collection.

Special Offer Only £25

Whole Pig, Half Pig & Leg Joints


Having a party – why not have a ‘HOG ROAST PARTY’ – Phone 01422 833334 for prices

Rare Breed Sausages

Gluten Free Burgers & Sausage

We are currently introducing new lines in our ‘Gluten Free’ range.

Currently available:
Traditional Sausage;
Pork & Leek Sausages;
Traditional Burgers

Whole Pig, Half Pig & Leg Joints

Whole Pig, Half Pig & Leg Joints

We are able to provide whole pigs for hog roasts. They are becoming increasingly popular...

£5 per kg

Farm Reared Chops, Steaks & Joints

Farm Reared Chops, Steaks & Joints

They are blast frozen to retain all the taste and flavour. Our pork chops/steaks are sold by the kilo....

£5.00 per kg

Farm Reared Sausages

Scrumptious Sausages

They are blast frozen to retain all the taste and flavour. Available in thick or thin, in natural skins....

£5.00 per kg

Farm Reared Pork Burgers - Home Made

Farm Reared Pork Burgers - Home Made

Only the best pork and flavourings goes into our burgers...

£3.00 per pack of 6

Dry Cured Back & Streaky Bacon

Dry Cured Back & Streaky Bacon & NEW Smoked Streaky Bacon

Our dry cured back and streaky bacon is cured to traditional methods to give the best flavour.

Please click more info for prices

Gammon Joint & Slices

Gammon Joint & Slices

Succulent and delicious, our gammon simply melts in the mouth!


Our Pig Unit

At present, we hold a fairly small unit, with 6 sows producing around 100 pork pigs per year. Our objective is to produce the best quality succulent pork possible.

Organic Status

It is our intention to apply for 'organic' status, and other certifications of high welfare recognition in the very near future. In the meantime, we are breeding and rearing our pigs to the highest welfare standards achievable.

Butchery standards

Our butchery unit is an artic' freezer trailer which has been modified to very high standards. The interior of the unit is state of the art, for hygiene with panelling and equipment including a large walk in fridge and blast freezer, to maintain optimum taste and flavour. We have worked very closely with Canderdale Council's Environmental and Health Departments, exceeding the standards required to obtain approvals required for our purpose.

We are not a farm shop!

It is our intention not to operate as a farm shop. However, customers will be welcome to collect pre-ordered pork by prior arrangement. Anybody wishing to see our facility will be most welcome to come along and purchase samples of our pork at a mutually convenient time.

Goldenhams Farm Reared Pork

Our small herd of pedigree farm reared Large Black sows are crossed with a white boar to produce litters of meaty white porkers that are not too fatty and retain that rare breed taste and flavour.

The taste of farm reared pork is nothing like you would find in a supermarket. It has to be tried for its succulent flavour. We raise our animals as naturally as possible and avoid using medications or growth promoters wherever possible by using high welfare with good stockmanship and observation. After our foundation stock was purchased we have avoided bringing any new animals to the farm, which helps us to avoid the importation of pests and diseases.