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In today's climate of high tech analysis and attitude to all materials handled in everyday use, we advise all gardeners to wear gloves when handling organic or inorganic soils and supplements.


Tommy's Beds & Border Topsoil (40ltr)

Peaty Topsoil (40 ltr)

Previously known as ‘PEATY TOPSOIL

Our most popular product. Black, rich in plant nutrients, fine screened and blended with bark fines, and calcified plus, which contains over 20 minerals and trace elements essential to sound plant growth.

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Mainly used for new gardens
  • Bulking up flower beds and borders

When comparing soil prices, please bear in mind that our soil is weed, stone, clay, glass and pest free, guaranteed.

No other soil supplier in Yorkshire can guarantee their product to be free of these.

Available in 40 litre bags, or loose tipped loads.

Collect £2.90/bag
Delivered* £3.90/bag

Home Delivery

The minimum order value for home delivery is £40. This applies to postcodes HX, HD, OL14 and the majority of BD with the exception of BD North Yorkshire.

For BD North Yorkshire and all other postcodes please visit our Home Delivery page for further information.

*Please note 'Delivered' means onto your property. Long carries or steps will not be undertaken. Please contact us for more information.