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For best results from any plants grown in containers, or grow bags, feed with a high potash liquid feed on leaves or compost 2-3 weeks after planting, then weekly, or as required.


Seed & Cutting Compost (20 ltr)

Seed & Cutting Compost

Our seed and cutting compost is produced from fine screened Grade 1 Peat, sand and nutrients. The fine texture ensures even and healthy growth.

A great deal of care goes into the production of this compost to give you the high quality required for this delicate job. We guarantee you will not find better compost for your seed and cuttings.

See our Vegetable Beds & Bins pages for suitable planting options.

Collect £5.95/bag
Delivered* £6.95/bag

Home Delivery

The minimum order value for home delivery is £40. This applies to postcodes HX, HD, OL14 and the majority of BD with the exception of BD North Yorkshire.

For BD North Yorkshire and all other postcodes please visit our Home Delivery page for further information.

*Please note 'Delivered' means onto your property. Long carries or steps will not be undertaken. Please contact us for more information.