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Vegetable Beds, Soils & Composts

Grow Your Own - deliciously fresh fruit and vegetables!

There is nothing like serving up your own fresh, home grown delicious vegetables. With our simple veggie beds, bins and soils and supplements, nothing could be easier. The bins are ready to use and the beds are easy to assemble. This is something you can do with the kids too.

For suitable soils to be used in you Vegetable Beds & Bins please visit our Soils page.

Raised Veggie Beds

Raised Veggie Beds

These beds are made here at our farm. The timber used may vary slightly from the picture shown...

Collect £55.00 ea. Delivered* £58.00 ea.

Veggie Soil (40 ltr)

Veggie Soil (40 ltr)

Veggie Soil has been especially produced for perfect vegetable growing in raised beds...

Collect £3.40/bag Delivered* £4.40/bag

Seed & Cutting Compost (20 ltr)

Seed & Cutting Compost (20 ltr)

Give your seeds and cuttings a healthy start in life, with our chemical free organic compost...

Collect £5.50/bag Delivered* £6.50/bag

Grow Bags (40 ltr)

Grow Bags (40 ltr)

Our acclaimed large grow bags made from a blend of worm casts and peat, together with composted...

Collect £4.95/bag
Delivered* £5.95/bag

Frost Protection Fleece

8m x 1.5m rolls • 17gsm • Porous • Ideal for use on plants, seeds, crops, Lawn Seed, etc.. • Protects plants from frost

Collect £5.45
Delivered* £5.45

Home Delivery

The minimum order value for home delivery is £40. This applies to postcodes HX, HD, OL14 and the majority of BD with the exception of BD North Yorkshire.

For BD North Yorkshire and all other postcodes please visit our Home Delivery page for further information.

*Please note 'Delivered' means onto your property. Long carries or steps will not be undertaken. Please contact us for more information.