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Loose Loads

Delivered or cash & carry - you decide!

All of our loose products are available in loose loads, either for you to Cash & Carry or via our Home Delivery service, which is the most economical way to receive your load if you require larger amounts.

Loose Load Delivery

Important Notice - Loose Load Home Delivery

Loose loads can only be tipped at the nearest accessible point, at the discretion of our very experienced drivers. Unfortunately, we cannot tip over walls. Please check the suitability of access to the tipping point before requesting a loose load delivery, including width of driveways, turning points, position of manhole covers, etc.

We accept no responsibility for damage to property when delivering goods.

Dumpy Bags Delivery

Many of your favourite products are available as loose loads.

Big value loose loads currently available:

  • Peaty Topsoil
  • Veggie Soil
  • Sandy Topsoil
  • Ornamental Bark
  • Hardwood Chips
  • Economy Bark
  • Mini Chip Bark
  • Composted Manure
  • Mushroom Compost
  • Muckers Mulch
  • Lawn Top Dressing
  • Composted Bark

Loose loads are available for collection or home delivery, by prior arrangement.
Minimum quantity for collection: 1 cubic metre
Minimum quantity for home delivery: 2 cubic metres

Dumpy Bags: Cash & Carry

All loose products are available for collection in dumpy bags. These must be pre-ordered. Dumpy Bag Size: 90x90x90cm (0.73 cubic metres).

Dumpy Bags: Home Delivery

We are able to deliver the large 'dumpy bags' with our own transport. Please telephone the office with your requirements, and we will gladly quote for you.

Please contact us for further details and prices on loose load and dumpy bag collections and deliveries.