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Play Grade Hardwood Chips
Play Grade Hardwood Chips (80 Ltr)
Collect £11.20 / bag | Delivered* £12.70 / bag Keep kids...
Play Grade Ornamental Bark
Play Grade Ornamental Bark (80 Ltr)
Collect £10.60 / bag | Delivered* £12.10 / bag If appearances...
Economy Bark
Economy Bark (non Play Grade) (80 Ltr)
Collect £8.90 / bag | Delivered* £10.40 / bag This is...
Westland Decorative Mini Chip Bark - 50 litre
Westland Decorative Mini Chip Bark – 50 litre
Collect £5.70 / bag | Delivered* £6.70 / bag Ideal for...
Coco Shell Mulch
Cocoa Shell Mulch (80 ltr)
80 litre Cocoa Shell Mulch – TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Stock...
Ground Sheet Cover
Ground Cover Sheet (8m X 1.5m Rolls)
Collect £9.60/roll | Delivered* £9.60/roll Water permeable and weed suppressant fabric...


Our prices are based on: Collect | Delivered | Loose Loads (min 2m3). Submit your enquiry and we will contact you to confirm your order and take payment.


Tommy's Tips

In today’s climate of high tech analysis and attitude to all materials handled in everyday use, we advise all gardeners to wear gloves when handling organic or inorganic soils and supplements.

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