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Muckers Mulch (40 ltr)

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We cannot overstate what a benefit this product is to your soil. If you only buy one fertility product from us, make sure it’s Muckers Mulch – environment friendly, 100% organic and absolutely peat free.

Muckers Mulch is made from a unique blend of forest wastes, like composted bark and wood pulps, together with high temperature composted manure.

Trees, shrubs and all plants, including fruit and vegetables, thrive when planted in fertile, free draining soil, that is moisture retentive and full of humus.

Also available in loose tipped loads or bulk bags – subject to access
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Muckers Mulch, regularly added to your soil, will improve it’s structure, moisture retention and drainage. The high temperature composting used to produce the mulch deodorises and sterilises it, making it completely free of weeds and pests that are usually present in less professionally produced mulches.

For sandy and stoney soils

The bulky organic matter in Muckers Mulch will help both the physical structure of the soil and it’s ability to retain moisture in the normally drier Summer months.

For heavy compacted clay soils

Improving the soil structure is the key to improved plant growth with these soil types. Muckers Mulch contains the correct types of organic materials to help bind soil particles with drainage pores in between. It will also encourage worm and microbial activity and produce the required crumb structure in the soil.

Muckers Mulch contains some lime, which greatly improves clay soils. To improve clay soil, add a 2″ layer of Muckers Mulch to the surface of the soil and either dig in, or leave the job to worms and microbes.

Great for bulking up your Vegetable Beds – please visit our Vegetable Beds & Bins page for planting options.

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