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In today's climate of high tech analysis and attitude to all materials handled in everyday use, we advise all gardeners to wear gloves when handling organic or inorganic soils and supplements.




Our selection of sands includes River Sand, Building Sand, Play Sand and Silver Sand. All our sands are supplied in clean sealed bags for your convenience.

River Sand (Approx 22 kg)

Also known as sharp sand - used in making concrete and also used in seed composts and in very clay soils to improve drainage. This sand is washed and is lime and salt free.

Collect £3.00/bag
Delivered* £4.00/bag

Building Sand (Approx 22 kg)

As it's name implies, this sand is only used for mixing with cement and water for walling and bricklaying. Must not be used in composts or in soil.

Collect £3.15/bag
Delivered* £4.15/bag

Play Sand (Approx 22 kg)

This sand is very soft and pinkish in colour. It makes an excellent play pit, being salt and lime free. It is also used for dressing lawns where it helps drainage and can also help prevent moss growth. (Packaging may vary from product shown).

Collect £4.35/bag
Delivered* £5.35/bag

Silver Sand (Approx 22 kg)

This sand is also soft and can be used in play pits. It is also mixed with cement and water to make mortar for pointing brickwork and stone.

Collect £3.00/bag
Delivered* £4.00/bag

Kiln Dried Sand (Approx 20 kg)

Ideal for bedding artificial grass, and for paving

Collect £4.40/bag
Delivered* £5.40/bag

Home Delivery

The minimum order value for home delivery is £40. This applies to postcodes HX, HD, OL14 and the majority of BD with the exception of BD North Yorkshire.

For BD North Yorkshire and all other postcodes please visit our Home Delivery page for further information.

*Please note 'Delivered' means onto your property. Long carries or steps will not be undertaken. Please contact us for more information.